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  • CE AutumnFlavors
  • Coulazou
  • Walk in Clapiers
  • cook Orla
  • Indonesian cook  eat
  • AWG GOLF Challenge poster A3 2018 1
  • golf challenge2018
  • Golf challenge 2018 2
  • cover
  • Sea shanties Escale à Sète
  • Escale à Sète parade
  • Thanksgiving lunch Sunday 25 November 2018
  • Walking group crossing the Coulazou at Cournonterral
  • Walking group in Clapiers
  • Cook & Eat : Spring to Summer Apero
  • Indonesian Feast at Cook & Eat.
  • Golf Challenge 2018
  • Golf Challenge 2 June 2018
  • The winners - golf Challenge
  • Dora's book will be available in September
  • Up She Rises - Escale à Sète
  • Escale à sète 31 March 2018

Upcoming Events

23 Feb 2019
Walk, Mas de Baume
08 Mar 2019
Women's Day
08 Mar 2019
Book Group
08 Mar 2019
14 Mar 2019
18 Mar 2019
Spring COOK & EAT
21 Mar 2019
FAWCO Conference

FAWCO’s Online Magazine

FAWCO’s online magazine, Inspiring Women, profiles the lives of members of FAWCO clubs throughout the world who have used their skills, talents and passions to make an impact in the global community. Each issue has a theme and includes interviews with club members suggested by club presidents and FAWCO or by members like you!

The magazine also contains a special feature on one of the FAWCO regions with local recipes, plus a focus on one FAWCO club, and amongst other things, an in-depth article from writer Robin Goldsby. All the magazine’s advertising is interactive so if you are interested in what is on offer, simply point and click! Finally, if you have any comments about the magazine, there is a quick and easy survey to take and return to the editor.

The magazine is sent to all FAWCO Club Presidents and FAWCO Reps for online distribution to their members. Individual club members can also join the preferred mailing list which makes them eligible for future special offers.

Current Issue


The themes for 2018:

The themes for 2017:

Stories for Future Editions

If you have a club member who has an interesting story and would fit into one of our three remaining themes, we would like you to email their names and e-mail addresses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so they can be considered for inclusion in the magazine. The editor will contact your suggested members directly and ask them to complete a simple-to-answer questionnaire (20-30 minutes is about all it takes!)