Emergency Numbers

SOS: The Numbers You Need -  From AngloInfo (more information available on their website – see Links)


Knowing what to do and who to call can really make the difference in an emergency situation. If you know where to turn and what to say if something goes awry, possible disaster can be avoided.


Help on call

The European-wide emergency number is 112. This can be used in any country in the EU, and dialed from any telephone (even a public pay phone - without the use of a phone card or coins). Make sure that children also know this number and how to call it.


In addition, it helps to be well aware of your essential contacts for the Police, Fire and Medical services, as well as those of other categories of emergency help for situations such as accidents on water, emergency vets and so on. There is no guarantee that any English will be spoken on any of these emergency and helpline telephone numbers. 




Medical help/SAMU

SOS Médecins

Centre Anti-poison




Police/Police Nationale


Fire & accident/Sapeurs Pompiers


SOS - all services (calling from a mobile)

Out-of-hours Pharmacy information 



The caller must:

  1. State the location where assistance is needed 
  2. State their name and telephone number
  3. State what happened, and if it is still happening 
  4. State how many people need help
  5. State if there are weapons involved

All emergency numbers can be reached from pay phones, without the use of a phone card or money. 


With the potential danger of exposure to summer heat waves, the French government issues updated warnings and provides information through the Canicule Info Service (Tel: 0800 06 66 66, free call).


And then, of course, it's always useful to know what to do in the case of lost or stolen credit cards, cheque book or mobile telephones. If you've been robbed, lost a bag or simply misplaced something, here's who to call to put a stop on your cards or phone as quickly as possible.

Note: a lost or stolen bank card, credit card or cheque book should be reported to the nearest Police Station to the place in which the theft happened. The police will provide a certificate for the issuing authority (the bank) and insurance company. This is a Récépissé de declaration de vol

Lost or Stolen Credit Cards

Go to the relevant websites or see below:

MasterCard (emergency in France)

Tel: 0800 901 387

MasterCard: to report loss, theft or card fraud to the National Centre d'Opposition

Tel: 08 92 705 705

American Express Cards & Travellers' Cheques

Tel: 0800 832 820

Visa (Global card assistance service)

Tel: 0800 901 179

Lost or Stolen Cheque Books

  • Lost or stolen cheque books Tel: 0892 683 208 

Lost or Stolen Mobile Telephone

Any new mobile cellular telephone comes with:

  • a SIM Card with number. This is your telephone number. Access can be protected by personalising your card with a 4 digit PIN number. 
  • an IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). This is your mobile's unique identification number

The IMEI number protects you if your phone is lost or stolen. It is usually printed beneath the battery or can be found by typing the following: 

To find IMEI number, enter:   * # 0 6 #  on the keypad

Note the number and keep it separate from your mobile. If your mobile is lost or stolen, call the service provider and give them the IMEI number. The service will be suspended and the phone may be traced. If you wish to report the theft, supply the police with the IMEI number.


If you have a contract

Tel: 0 825 05 700

If you have a Mobicard 

Tel: 0 825 05 700

From outside France

Tel: 00 33 6 07 62 64 64

Bouygues Telecom

If you have a contract

Tel: 0 800 29 1000

If you have a Card Nomad

Tel: 06 68 63 46 34

From outside France, contract

Tel: 00 33 1 46 10 86 86

From outside France, Card Nomad

Tel: 00 33 6 68 63 46 34


If you have a contract

Tel: 06 10 00 19 00

If you have SFR La Carte

Tel: 06 14 00 19 00

If you have Universal Music Mobile

Tel: 06 12 00 12 00

From outside France, contract

Tel: 00 33 6 10 00 19 00

From outside France, SFR La Carte

Tel: 00 33 6 14 00 19 00

From outside France, UMM

Tel: 00 33 6 12 00 12 00