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Restos Bébés du Coeur

Three members of AWG, Maquita, Kim and Sylvia, have joined the team of French women who volunteer at one of the Restos Bébés du Coeur in Montpellier. Restos Bébés du Coeur was created by Restaurants du Coeur to respond to the specific problems and concerns of infants and their parents. Women begin attending regular sessions at Restos Bébés when they are pregnant.  There, in a relaxed and cheerful environment, they can ask questions and receive advice from the Center’s midwife (Françoise) and pediatrician (Maquita) and the other volunteers.

Each prospective mother also receives a new layette for her newborn. Mother and child can continue coming regularly to the Center until the child is one year old, to receive age appropriate advice, food and clothing.

Donations of clothing, books, toys, infant furniture and strollers are collected at Restos Bébés for distribution to the infants. Clothes and toys for older children are distributed to the infants’ older siblings.  Donations suitable for infants from AWG members are welcome. If you love shopping, remember that new clothes for newborns are also greatly appreciated.

Please contact Kim or Pam I. if you have something you would like to donate.

15 February 2010