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FAWCO header logo                                                COMMUNICATION
This grant, in the amount of 4000 USD, will go to the Hérault (Montpellier) chapter of Le Mouvement du Nid (LMN). The funds will be used by the association to pay for intensive French as a foreign language course for some of the women aided by LMN and also to cover expenses associated with obtaining legal papers (residency permits and passports) for the women.
We are thrilled with the news and we are very thankful to FAWCO Foundation, and to the FAWCO Clubs that voted for this proposal. Last but not least, we congratulate Sealia Thevenau, who wrote the winning proposal.
* FAWCO = Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas
It is their charitable arm, the FAWCO Foundation, that awards a number of Development Grants each year.