AWGLR and FAWCO Club Year 2017


2017 has been another fun-filled year of activities and events in our club, the 31st year of the club’s existence. As FAWCO Rep I try to highlight important FAWCO issues and events to our club, point out articles and publications that may be of interest to our members, encourage our members to visit the FAWCO website, do some fundraising for FAWCO charities and remind AWG members that they are members of the FAWCO community too.

When we still published a monthly newsletter (up until June of this year), I tried to focus on own or two topics at a time so as not to overload AWG members with FAWCO information each month. The year began by me telling our members that the FAWCO Target Program over the next couple of years is focussed on education for women and girls and I encouraged people to read various publications on the FAWCO website and to think about the whole notion of Education for women and girls globally.

Coming up to the Biennial Conference I encouraged our members to vote for their choice of Target Program, and was delighted at the numbers who voted. Our collective vote for ‘Educating and Empowering Women and Girls in Jordan, a project of the Collateral Repair Project, submitted by Therese Hartwell, FAUSA was the overall winner so we were thrilled. This was announced at the FAWCO Conference in Mumbai in April. I hosted a fundraising quiz and supper evening on March 18th in support of this and we raised an amazing €475 which we donated to the Target Project in June of this year.

On International Women’s Day March 8, focusing on respect, appreciation and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements we as a club organised a walking activity.

Whilst I did not attend the Conference in Mumbai, I followed the proceedings online and hosted a post conference lunch at my home to inform our members of the significant goings-on at the event. This lunch was very well attended (17 members) and it was a chance to show how truly inspiring women can learn, reach and shine. Linda and Maggie, two of our members who attended the conference, shared their personal experiences of Mumbai, and India. I encouraged our members to learn more and visit the new FAWCO website to view the photos, videos and articles of the conference.

I have also highlighted FAWCO's Online Magazine, Inspiring Women to our membership on several occasions throughout the year, and am just about to put this information with links on our new website.   I have explained how Inspiring Women profiles the lives of members of FAWCO clubs throughout the world who have used their skills, talents and passions to make an impact in the global community and perhaps our club will encourage participation of one or more of our members in future editions of the magazine.

I have asked members to fill out questionnaires for FAWCO throughout the year such as that for the Strategic Planning Task Force on the FAWCO website all about what they know and think about FAWCO. I try to make this as easy as possible by sending the links directly to the questionnaire.

Post Conference also, I further plugged FAWCO’s new website and sent links and shared the a message from the new President of FAWCO, Sallie, about her hopes for the coming 2017–2019 Board Term.

After summer break, we were no longer publishing our monthly newsletter so it has been harder to disseminate FAWCO information to our entire membership. In saying that, I managed to encourage many of our members to attend the Regional meeting in Paris in October (12 in total). Those of us that attended had a wonderful time and I have written a separate report on our collective experience and thoughts.

Our Thanksgiving event was very successful and the traditional raffle raised more than €400 for FAWCO funds. We have also sold more than €200 of FAWCO books throughout the year.

I have already registered(taking advantage of the early bird fee), for the Interim Conference in the Hague in 2018 and am excited about attending this in March.

Our club’s new website should be up and running in the next week, so my next job is to provide information to be put onto to our site to encourage our members to access FAWCO and read about other inspiring women around the globe!