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February 2019.


Dear AWG friends,

I sent a mail a couple of weeks ago about the passing of Lucy Laederich.  I wanted to share with you, FAWCO President, Sallie Chaballier’s lovely words in memory of Lucy who was a good friend of AWG. Our club sent some funeral flowers to the crematorium in Montussan on February 8. RIP Lucy.

Message From the FAWCO President Sallie Chaballer, AAWE Paris  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     lucy

In Memorian - Lucy Stensland Laederich     

December 8, 1944 - Februiary 1, 2019

One of the brightest stars in the FAWCO firmament is no longer with us. Past FAWCO President (1999-2001) and longtime FAWCO US Liaison, Lucy Stensland Laederich, left us peacefully last Friday morning, February 1, at her home in Bordeaux, surrounded by her family. 

Lucy was an institution, an icon, a role model, mentor and inspiration to countless people. She was a resolute leader, an articulate and compelling advocate, a brilliant thinker, and a wise counselor. 

Lucy's unstinting advocacy for overseas Americans made her greatly admired and appreciated far beyond FAWCO. She was instrumental in setting up the Americans Abroad Caucus in Congress, and was the motor behind establishing the annual Overseas Americans Week. She also served two terms as President of the Association of Americans Resident Overseas (AARO), FAWCO's frequent partner at OAW and in other endeavors on behalf of Americans abroad.

Plans are in the works to establish a FAWCO memorial fund to honor and perpetuate Lucy's advocacy on US issues. There will be a tribute to Lucy at the Biennial Conference in Edinburgh as well as in the Summer 2019 issue of The FORUM.’


I have registered for the FAWCO Biennial Conference in Edinburgh at the end of March and am looking forward to attending. I will bring back all the news from the Conference to AWG by hosting a post conference lunch and presentation at the beginning of April. At the Conference there are two auctions, Live and Silent. This year, FAWCO have limited donations to the Silent auction to two per delegate which have to be registered in advance.  The club will donate one of these, value of €20 was agreed by the Board. Raffle tickets for the 2019 FAWCO Friendship Quilt are now available. Just  can download the raffle ticket forms on The FAWCO Foundation website. Or contact me if you would like me to do this for you.  Remember, the winner does not have to be present at the drawing. I will keep you updated about the Live auction when I receive the information.

I will also send information about voting for Development Grants and projects when I receive it, so that I can properly represent AWG and our choices at the Conference.


FAWCO Public Relations & Media Committee (PR&M)

 2019 will see a series of developments in the way that FAWCO clubs are able to interact and promote their events.  FAWCO represents and connects 10,000 intelligent, forward-thinking women, and wants to give all FAWCO clubs a platform to share ideas and unite for common causes.

To allow members to fully utilize their membership and feel connected to other clubs, FAWCO is setting up a new blog and Instagram account, platforms which will allow the easy sharing of knowledge, and an opportunity to promote clubs and events to potential new members.

They would like all clubs to get involved, and to hear more about what we are doing right now. They would like to know about events coming up in the club calendar, the most successful club activity, any philanthropic projects that we want greater exposure for, something that the club is proud of; or an issue that you would like to unite with other women to tackle.  If any of you would like to write a short piece on any of these topics to share with FAWCO and other clubs, I will endeavour to post on the relevant platform for you.

 (NB:It is also important that we protect the privacy of our members.  Photos will be taken at club events and posted on the FAWCO website and on other FAWCO media forums, including Facebook, Instagram and our blog.  If members do not wish for their image to appear in group photos, they may choose not to be included at the time the photo is taken. As events may be publicized on social media and many members will be taking photographs, FAWCO cannot guarantee that participant’s images will not appear in other photos on social media or on the personal accounts of other members.)

The blog will be going live around March, however the Instagram account is already up and running. You can follow at @fawcoofficial.

Please also visit the Fawco website on www.fawco.org for further information and all FAWCO news.

Best Wishes,

Orla Blundell, FAWCO Rep,