Fawco News April 2020





FAWCO is proposing an easy Photo Project for clubs to generate excitement about the UN Sustainable Development Goals which FAWCO’s work supports. 

The idea is to make global issues, and specifically the 17 SDG’s, relatable and personal.  AWG can participate, but needs the help of members, and the project is, in fact, FOR club members, by using a fun project to raise awareness.  (Each SDG icon has a flip-side with an explanation.) 

The Photo Project will start on May 15th, and will run for 17 weeks – one SDG photo to be published per week – in order to coincide with the fifth anniversary, on September 15th, of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by the 193 member states.  We need volunteers to submit a photo with one of the SDG icons, and the reason she (or he) supports that particular SDG.  Several photos may be taken at the same time, but only one should be published per week on social media, such as the FAWCO Facebook page.  Members can also ask family and friends to participate.  As well as participating in the all-FAWCO project, AWG-LR can publish the photos and texts on other social media (AWG-LR has a Facebook page AND a blog) or in e-mail messages to members. 

Contact Michael or Maggie for details.



Also, FAWCO has started a collection of recipes and invites members  to share favorite recipes that have helped them get through confinement.  The link where you can submit your recipes is  https://forms.gle/6Qh3MDyL4phwVPF47  .  Recipes should be submitted before the end of May.  The FAWCO Recipe Collection will be available on-line afterwards.  You may share a recipe from your favorite cookbook or website, but for copyright purposes, FAWCO needs versions that can be shared.  Lists of ingredients cannot be copyrighted, but the preparation instructions cannot be copied directly from another source.  Any text must be written by you, or rewritten by you, before FAWCO can share the recipe with others. Any photos you include must be your own.  Recipes included in the collection will list your name and club affiliation. 

So let’s show FAWCO that AWG-LR is still that small but mighty club in the south of France, despite confinement.