Cook & Eat


The Cook & Eat group gets together every 4-6 weeks to cook a 3-course meal and then enjoy the fruits of their efforts, generally with a glass or two of wine, all in good camaraderie. We meet in a member’s home; the hostess decides on the menu, does the shopping (costs are split amongst the participants) and runs the ‘cooking class’

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2019-2020 Schedule

  • Wednesday October 23 at Caroline’s
  • Wednesday November 20 at Orla’s
  • Wednesday January 29 at Susan’s
  • Wednesday February 12 at Caroline’s
  • Wednesday March 11 at Orla’s
  • Wednesday April 22 at Susan’s
  • Friday June 5 at Caroline’s

    All dates are at 9:30 am EXCEPT for the June date - 2 pm for the cooks and 18h-18h30 for the partners
The schedule is tentative and subject to change during the year. Please check the calendar for exact dates and details.