FAWCO Target 5 Environment Sunflower Medallion


We are thrilled to share some fantastic news!

Thanks to the generosity of our members, our club raised €820 at our summer garden party last year. These funds contributed to FAWCO's Target Project – Awesome Blossoms, a project implemented by Safe Spaces Organization. This incredible initiative supports young girls and women in the Mathare slums of Nairobi by establishing vertical urban farming using hydroponic systems.

Our contributions have earned us a place on the Club Donor Wall on the FAWCO Foundation website, and we have been honored with a Sunflower Target Medallion. And…. with the collective efforts of all FAWCO-affiliated clubs, we have successfully met the fundraising goal of $140,000!

With the initial goal met, we are now focusing on the next phase of the Awesome Blossoms project. Our new fundraising efforts will support critical steps to expand and sustain this impactful initiative by:

1) Acquiring Suitable Land: securing a plot of land (minimum 80 x 50 meters) in Kikuyu, Zambezi, or Uthiru. The chosen site will be accessible, close to the target communities, and equipped with the necessary infrastructure for sustainable vertical farming.

2) Developing Infrastructure: Transferring the current hydroponic systems from the existing farms to the new location. This move will allow for the installation of advanced vertical farming structures, ensuring optimal production and efficiency.

3) Ensuring Long-Term Viability: Owning the new land will enable Safe Spaces to expand its operations significantly. The new farm will have the capacity to house additional vertical systems, with 80% of the profits reinvested into Safe Spaces Programs and 20% dedicated to further expansion. This sustainable model will enhance the project's growth and impact year after year.

Peninah, the founder of Safe Spaces and the driving force behind the project, will join us in Paris for the Region 3 meeting (4-6th of October). This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the impact of our contributions. To register and view the agenda for this event, please click HERE.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment. Together, we are making a real difference!