AGM & Anniversary Lunch



Thursday 27  August 
10:30 am AGM/Elections
12:00 pm Aperitif
12:30 pm 3-course Lunch with wine
Price: 23€ for AWG members, 30€ for guests
Usually held in May, the Anniversary Lunch will finally take place in connection with the also-postponed Annual General Meeting and Elections for the new Board. 
After a short meeting, with reports from the officers and possibly the donation to a local charity, AWG will offer the aperitif to all present before the lunch.
Members who attend the AGM can leave after the aperitif or stay for lunch. Likewise, members who cannot attend the AGM but wish to join in for the lunch can arrive in time for the aperitif.
Please note that the restaurant requests the choice of meal options two weeks before the date, so look for the Evite in early August. Payment in advance will be required at that time either by check to AWG or by Paypal (see button below).
Election ballots will be emailed well in advance of the AGM to allow time for mail-in voting by those unable to attend.
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