Scrivener's is back

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A new edition of Scrivener’s blog is out : your Google account identifier will be the Scriveners’ identifier.
 Hence a @gmail.com  e-mail address corresponding to a Google account is needed to access it.

 Please remark that there is no obligation to use the @gmail.com address for other purposes for anyone commonly using a different e-mail address for their electronic messages.
 New gmail users, please send your gmail.com address or questions to the blog editor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An invitation from Scriveners' will be sent to all members to enable the access"

 Hope it’s not too verbose, but the quick explanation should answer all the questions about the need for a Google account, especially for people who used the Scriveners’ blog ages ago, when the Google account didn’t exist. At that time @gmail.com was just another email provider, now is one of the “GAFA” masters of the World…

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