FAWCO News : Celebrating 90 Years!

Dear FAWCO Friends,

 I had hoped that by this time the Covid story would have moved from the headlines. Sadly, although vaccinations have made a huge impact, the highly contagious Delta variant has resulted in a fourth wave of infection and death. The statistics are showing that the under/unvaccinated are dominating these increased numbers, either by lack of access or sometimes by choice. Some of the restrictions that had been starting to lift have been reinstated, although with some important differences. Each country sets their own Covid protocols, but this time it doesn't look like everything will shut down worldwide. Many countries, including those in Europe and the US, are allowing gatherings and travel, particularly for those who can show that they are Covid negative or that they have been vaccinated. 

As a result we are starting to see our Clubs restarting in-person events and activities to a limited extent, and our members are starting to travel again. The joy of getting to see friends and loved ones once again is clear to see in photos shared on social media. With these developments, FAWCO, FAUSA, and at least one of our regions, are carefully considering planning our next gatherings. FAWCO's 2022 Interim Meeting is on the schedule for March 4-6, 2022, at the Parc Alvisse Hotel in Luxembourg (our original venue for 2020). Keep an eye on the FAWCO Calendar for other events. We can't predict at the moment if it will be safe and possible to travel at that time, but with so many of our members already vaccinated we are optimistic. We very much hope to see you in person then!

I'm excited as well to include some additional information about the program and impressive speakers for the Human Rights In Focus virtual event being planned for November 4-7, 2021. Please read below for details.

FAWCO would like to thank Sue Elliot, AWC Dublin, Magda Honffy, AWC Antwerp, and Maggie Palu, AW Aquitaine, who all held recent Facebook Fundraisers on their birthdays for the benefit of FAWCO and the FAWCO Foundation. We are most grateful to Sue, Magda, Maggie, their friends, and all of you who have honored the work of FAWCO and the FAWCO Foundation with financial contributions!

It is a heartbreaking reality that Covid has touched the lives of many members to date, but we sincerely hope that all of you are seeing increased social interaction while remaining healthy and safe. We will get through this — we ARE getting through this.