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Beach: Aqua-gym, Longe côte, Swimming, Walk?


During the months of July and August Beach Babes will keep going to the beach. If you want to be part of the Group, please let us know so that we can keep you informed of the dates ; you can also consult our calendar https://www.awglr.org

Where to meet us: Carnon Plage entrance #98 at the end of rue du Labech or rue des Alizées (2 names for the same street). The Hotel Gedeon is on the corner. This entrance has trash bins and a water faucet.

Where to park: on Wednesdays on the place du Marché, on Tuesdays, rue du
Levant or rue du Labech. Once you’re at entrance #98, walk down to the water and look for us.


 Rosie and Mariannick