Talk & Walk a new activity!

Talk while walking or walk while talking, that's the question ?

This new activity is a language exchange between Anglophones and Francophones – an opportunity to improve your language and your walking skills at the same time!

Our goal is to have a good time and make progress while getting some fresh air.

How it works:

  • A 2-hour local walk with conversation divided into 30-minute segments.
  • We will start speaking either English or French then will switch language after 30 minutes. We can choose a timekeeper to keep us on track.
  • Conversation in bi-lingual pairs and we will change partners for the second hour.
  • All topics are permitted as long as we’re focused on language development – AND having fun.

No excuse for not coming because of the weather,  we will retreat to the club house or a Café and chat over coffee or tea.

Please check the calendar for exact dates and details. For further information, contact us.