Besides the weekly and monthly activities, we meet several times a year for traditional events.

 Christmasstsmall507x507-pad600x600f8f8f8.jpg  Galette des Rois (or rather Queens)Galette roi des rois

4th july1Independance Day                  Join us for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

For local events

 Escale_à_Sète_parade.jpgArrival of the Herminone in Sète AWG Group Climate March02  Marche pour le Climat                                                     

 Walk for Life with CSF           

We also have lunches,  Pot Luckapéro  and  our Group's Annivesairy Lunch in May which gives us the opportunity to meet up with Dora, founder of AWG who participates every year and has been doing so for over 30 years.