FAWCO Communication and Online Publications

FAWCO creates regular publications throughout the year for various purposes including reports on Team work, and to communicate with its Member Clubs.


The FORUM is FAWCO’s semi-annual print news magazine that is also available in electronic form. Contents include the latest news from FAWCO, highlights of Member Club and Member accomplishments, and information about upcoming events and programs.

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Inspiring Women

FAWCO’s online magazine, Inspiring Women, profiles the lives of members of FAWCO clubs throughout the world who have used their skills, talents and passions to make an impact in the global community. Each issue has a theme and includes interviews with club members suggested by club presidents and FAWCO or by members like you!

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The Red Book

To celebrate FAWCO’s 75th Birthday in 2006, a glorious red hardcover edition of FAWCO’s history, called The Red Book, was published by editors Nancy Thornley and Georgia Regnault. Inside its 224 pages are vintage photographs, mentions of distinguished guests, essays, awards and many FAWCO memories. Since then, there have been two more editions in 2011 and 2016.

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Bulletins & e-Newsletters

FAWCO communicates with its Member Clubs and Members through various newsletters and special interest Bulletins. Whether monthly or semi-regularly, FAWCO Members can keep informed and stay up to date with FAWCO’s committees, teams and Board of Directors.

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Annual Reports

The FAWCO Annual Reports are a collaborative effort among the Board Members and key volunteers to report on their operations during the year. They are released at the biennial conference or interim meeting and are available to all FAWCO Members.

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