AWG pays a small annual fee (dependent on club membership numbers) to be a member of FAWCO and also a fee for FAWCO to host our website. The fees are a small price to pay for being part of a global network of inspiring women.  The webhosting gives us a presence on the FAWCO website which may be the first port of call for potential new members to our club, people who are moving to our region. AWG has a FAWCO representative who is responsible for disseminating important information from FAWCO to club members on global issues, informing members of how FAWCO can benefit our club, representing AWG at FAWCO meetings and conferences and ensuring our voice is heard.
15% of AWG membership funds is allocated to help the FAWCO rep and or the AWG President attend FAWCO Regional Meetings, Interim Meetings or the Biennial Conference. In addition, the FAWCO rep hosts a raffle at Thanksgiving and the funds raised are FAWCO specific.
FAWCO BOOKS-  Another of AWG's fundraising efforts is the sale of used books.  Members donate books, and the club resells them for one euro each.  These funds are ear-marked for FAWCO, either as part of a club donation, or to help pay for the FAWCO rep to attend the annual conference.  A large selection of FAWCO books are available for you to browse at your leisure at our clubhouse.  The FAWCO rep also brings a good selection of books to major club events such as Thanksgiving, Welcome Back and End of Year Aperos. If you have any books to donate, please contact your FAWCO rep.