FAWCO Interim Meeting in Porto and News February 2024

Resize Porto Bridge    2024 Interim Meeting – Porto, Portugal

FAWCO’s next annual meeting – Interim Meeting 2024 – will be held from Friday, March 15 to Sunday, March 17, 2024. Join members and guests from all over the world for FAWCO’s annual meeting of inspiration, advocacy, learning, sharing and networking. Registration for the FAWCO Interim Meeting is now open.  

The Foundation Night 2024 - Fairytale Magic: Happily Ever After For a Great Cause promises to be a sparkly, spectacular evening of fun, fundraising, fairies and fantasy! Start thinking of a costume - anything goes in the world of fairy tales! Six amazing Live Auction locations are already planned - details on the Foundation website and on One Cause. Friendship Quilt tickets are also available on OneCause.

* The Draft Agenda is available. Workwhops include : Health Team : Eldercare : Grief as an Expat ; FAWCO & The UN, COP, CSW ; Updates on the Target Project ; US Issues ; U-40 Attracting Younger Members to Your Club/Social Media ; Environment Team: Foraging, among others.

* Porto 2024 Interim Meeting Registration ‒ 

Sub Logos Youth Program FAWCO Youth Cultural Volunteers Program 2024 in Edinburgh !

The FAWCO Youth Program aims to promote cultural understanding and raise awareness of global issues in our youth and help them develop into responsible and caring global citizens.  The Cultural Volunteers module of FAWCO's Youth Program is designed to foster cultural awareness and volunteerism among participants. High school FAWCO teens (usually aged 15 - 19) are hosted by FAWCO families for a week, and will experience a new culture while volunteering with local charities.


The FAWCO Youth Cultural Volunteers Program 2024 will take place in Scotland June 28 – July 7, 2024 (9 days). Applications will open February 1, 2024 (deadline to apply, March 1). Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive the application.  PROGRAM DESCRIPTION, which includes : a visit to the Highland Wildlife Park – guided tour of Animal conservation and endangered animal breeding program, Volunteer work planting trees and upper loop walk (Ceum an Fhraoich), a visit to the Scottish SeaBird Centre North Berwick (learning about about tidal zones and the creatures Seabird Survival) among many other amazing activities !


 Fawco 1  Inspiring Women!

Join the Inspiring Women team on Wednesday, February 28 at 7p CET as we host a fun-filled evening with the fashion experts who were profiled and featured in our September issue We Are Talking Fashion. We have two dynamic keynote speakers who will share their personal experiences about how fashion impacts life. We have some great workshops planned! Designers discuss the sizing issue. Our featured stylists have tips on how to update your wardrobe without ruining your wallet or overloading your suitcase. Perhaps you want to create your own clothes? We have that! There are interesting sessions on fashion and sustainability and fashion and human rights. Go to the FAWCO website and register! There’s a drawing for some fun prizes as well. We’ll walk the virtual runway together and strut our fashionista best!   

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