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Title Hits
Menu for ‘Write about Love’ February 2024 Hits: 1931
Cook & Eat: January 2024 Hits: 1037
Menu for Cook and Eat: Cook Well, Eat Well Hits: 688
Spring is in the Air 29th March 2022 Hits: 842
Spice of Life, the recipes, 23 February 2022 Hits: 965
Cook & Eat- The Spice of Life Hits: 844
Menu for Afternoon Tea  7th May 2021 Hits: 1538
Irish Barmbrack: Hits: 1327
Glazed Lemon Brownies: Hits: 693
Selection of finger sandwiches Hits: 808
Asparagus and gruyere tartlets: Hits: 1612
Fruits scones Hits: 678
Cook & Eat - Menu October 2020. Hits: 1623
Pears poached in sauternes, cardamom and ginger served with honeyed marscapone and hazelnuts Hits: 9717
Burrata with chargrilled grapes and basil Hits: 10000
Hot charred cherry tomatoes with cold yoghurt Hits: 9579
Old Delhi-style Butter Chicken by Vivek Singh Hits: 8126
Oven Roasted Autumnal Vegetables Hits: 465
Dijon Herb Pork Loin with Roasted Vegetables, Red Cabbage and Apples Hits: 1333
Roasted squash and tomatoes with Burrata and hazelnut pesto Hits: 918
Pear Tarte Tatin & Turmeric Ginger Honey ice cream Hits: 1155
Cook & Eat – Monday, 18 March 2019 – 9h30 – Denise’s house Hits: 31533
Menu for Valentine’s Cook and Eat  February 2019 Hits: 19030
Dessert, Love Heart Pie Hits: 20864
Starter Roasted Fennel Hits: 23140
Cook and Eat Recipes October 2018 La Dolce Vita Hits: 22892
Cook, Eat and other Recipes Hits: 8910
Chermoula aubergine with bulgar and herbs and Greek yoghurt Hits: 7694
Report on Cook and Eat 27/01/2016- Hits: 4373
Regional Meeting Recipes Hits: 2840
Stew Cook-off Recipes Hits: 3686
Spice Gourmet Cookbook Hits: 6336